India with love. Part 1. Y.O.G.A P.A.T.H

This is it and welcome, you have reached the yoga world, inspired by my travels, teaching and practice. One of the most incredible adventure, was to go all the way to the Himalayas. I arrived in New Delhi and took a bus. We drove fifteen hours towards the mountains, to finish the course to this small village called Raniketh.  People are very humble, welcoming, and caring. The landscape and nature is an absolute getaway place. My life and perception on things would never be the same, I knew.

The wild, animals I never knew existed blew my mind, amazing monkeys and colorful birds. Places I taught I would only see on TV became a reality. Raniketh was the place I learned for myself and for others. Connections made, lasted a life time. All this thanks to yoga. See, there is a lot to learn about life and about discovering who you really are.

This is what to start with, the 5 principles of yoga philosophy:

1- Proper exercise, yoga helps you develop a strong healthy body enhancing flexibility.

2- Proper breathing reduces stress and diseases.

3- Proper relaxation, helps overcome worry and fatigue.

4- Proper diet, eat healthy, simple raw vegan products, easy to digest. An other positive outcoe,  protects other live beings and makes a difference in your body and mind.

5- Positive thinking, to achieve peace of mind and eliminates negativity.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to share them with me. Namaste.


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