India with love. Part 2. S.PI.R.I.T.U.A.L    R.I.S.H.I.K.E.S.H

Rishikesh also known as the spiritual capital of India, is the first town in India I visited after my TTC program. Rishikesh holds deep cultural and spiritual significance for most population. Bridges crossing above the Holy Ganga river, sacred hills and mountains, where wild monkeys are freely living their lives. People and places, I have met and seen, made me feel like I had a lot more to learn.

Still a student, I tried different classes with different masters. One of the kind, Yogi Kamal Sigh, runs his own Sattva yoga studio in Rishikesh. Master in Ashtanga yoga, a foundation of this practice based entirely on Surrya Namaskar A & B. I learned the importance of connecting breath with movement, to move to an other dimension, thanks to Kamal, I was totally hooked.

I stayed two weeks in Rishikesh, where I followed an Ayurveda cooking and massage course. This place is the perfect setting for reflective or meditative hikes and the perfect scene for yoga.

Celebrations are often held in Rishikesh. This was the famous International Yoga Festival I had the honor to join on of the biggest International Yoga Festival, hosting hundreds of people form around the world. During the festival you can practice yoga classes with multiple of styles of yoga, such as Bhakti yoga, Vinyassa yoga, Bharat yoga, Reiki, Raja yoga, Ashtanga yoga. Mediation, chanting sanskrit, Indian phylosophy are also available.   The ceremony was followed by Ganga aarti and a concert by Kher a former student at the ashram. ‘The Book of peace’ by Swami Chidanada Saraswati was launched during the event.


Every morning this guys would be there, making the legendary Chai tea.
My highly spiritual friend.
Lady resting by the Ganga river.
Local selling milk in the area
Holy cow.


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