India with love. Part 4. M.E.E.T T.H.E D.A.L.A.I L.A.M.A


Next, visit the Dalay Lama himself, spiritual leader of the Tibetan population. Recognized worldwide as the man of peace, I could not miss the occasion to get to Mc Leoganj in Dharamshala. I got to join Tibetan for lunch at the temple, and was then able to see the holiness teachings his disciples. I was honored and very pleased to finally meet one of the deities of the century.

“Let us try to recognize the precious nature of each day”.

Dalai Lama, on my travel quest.

Prayer flags, found in many parts of the Himalayas, are an important part of Tibetan (and Nepali) Buddhist culture. These flags can be seen dotted throughout the mountainous regions of Tibet (China), Nepal, Bhutan, and in parts of India. Prayer flags are of great importance to the people of these regions.
I can tell about my experience at the Dalai Lama temple in Mc Leod Ganj. Generally all major big temples serve at least one meal, normally Lunch free to all devotees.


India is one of a lifetime experience. Don’t miss out on visiting the Dalai Lama temple of McLeod Ganj in the Kangra Valley district of Himachal Pradesh.

I made a  connection with a Tibetan local young man, who shared parts of his experience of life when escaping from the Chinese invasion in Tibet, and was forced to find exile in this beautiful village in Mc Leod gang. We met for lunch before he dropped me off on his motorcycle to the bus station. He gave me his greetings and protection for my travels to be continued. He passed over my shoulders a white cloth, pressed his forehead against mine and said good bye.


I felt blessed to have met such humble person.

With Love and Light.





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