India with love. Last part. G.O.L.D.E.N T.E.M.P.L.E

Golden temple and Pakistan border.

India is an old country, therefore the heritage and cultural sites have made an impact in the world. The Golden Temple known as Darbar Sahib, is one of the oldest religious site for the indian sikh. The temple roof top is made entirely with pure gold. The temple has been built during the reign of Maharaja Singh, the ruler of Punjab in the 19th century.


I arrived in Golden temple in the afternoon, and stayed most of the day, sharing lunch with all the visitors. I made it until the evening to get an outlook of how the temple looked like at night.


The lake around the temple was artificially made by mankind; It is known as Amrit Sarovar, the pool of holy nectar. The temple is visited by thousands of people every year to pray among other gurus.

Meals are served once a day for all the visitors; all the food served are donations from faithful practitioners. The temple has 4 entrances from all directions, so people feel that they belong to the walk of life, they can feel welcome. More then 50,000 people are served daily!

The free community kitchen at The Golden Temple feeds thousands of people daily.
Thousands of aluminium plates are stored after washing.
I joined sets of thousands of people having lunch at the Golden temple.
Volunteers cleaning all the cups and plates.

What an experience! And this is how we made it possible to feed so many people in a day, astonishing and yet an every day reality.

I continued my journey toward the border of India and Pakistan. I have heard from a local waiter about the Wagah border flag ceremony. It takes place every evening during sunset at the Wagah border. Since I found myself only few kilometers away, I started to march in the search of a tuk-tuk who would take me there.

In the tribune the energy is at it’s optimum. As the sun sets, the gates at the border are opened and the parade between the soldiers of each side starts. The Pakistan and Indian soldiers walking military march. Follows lowering down goths flags simultaneously. Soldiers from each side shakes hands vigorously and the flags are folded. Then the gates are closed again. Most international travelers are regrouped in the Indian side of the tribunes. This is spectacular and bring thousands of visitors each month.

The Wagah Border ceremony





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