Travel Marrakesh.

This is an insight about my hometown Marrakesh. Here you will discover some of my photographs of Marrakesh Medina, oriental market, places to eat drink and spend a great evening.

I have always been distracted by the unique vibration and energy the Medina has to offer. Only an hour tour would be enough for me to appreciate it’s variety, art, smell, music and people.

One of the dinning restaurant is single of it’s kind, the Narwama, a family owned restaurant, fusion of Moroccan and Thai food. Located in the Medina, in a splendid riad dating from the 19th century, heritage world of UNESCO.

From 2012 and 2013, I managed the restaurant following previous steps of my father until I flew to Australia.

The experience of working in Morocco was one of the most challenging I had. Not always easy to mix feelings with a parent who has a different approach in regards to establishing ways for the development and success of the restaurant as well as keeping the line of one of the most famous and recognized dinning place in town.

I have always known Khalid and Brahim. Both fellow employees, dedicated  hard workers, bartender on the left and chef de rang on the right, serving for years in our restaurant.

Today Narwama is under the management of a couple and a whole new team keeping up with the hard work, since the owner decided to focus most of the past 9 months for the opening of a new business in the heart of la Medina. “Soukine” is due to open in the end of the year 2018.

More photographs of the umber city of Marrakesh.

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Surfing – Breathing – Meditating.

I have been teaching yoga 5 years and surfing 10 years and I am still learning. When you are out there in the surf line up, you are fully tuned with your surroundings and completely focused on what’s going on around you, if you don’t, there are chances where you could easily lose control of your balance, control over the board and control over the mind.


I use this example as an example for life. Steady rhythm, steady breath, steady mind and therefore steady life.

Yoga is a great example and find equanimity (balance) with the breath but also with the flexibility, the strength and focus. If you clear your mind from fluctuation you will progress more.

When I am surfing, I feel like my thoughts disappear and no other emotions evolve except full awareness, the sensation of the slide on the lip of the wave.

IMG_2212 (2)

Just like meditation, the visions and the sensations flowing from my chest through my arms and my spine are magical, a feeling of calm peace and freedom holds me.

“Yoga and surf are naturally flowing, one by the rhythm of breath and body and the other gets you tuned with the ocean and the waves. You can’t force it but only go with it, and fully be in the moment”.

Life…. you make it. With faith, hope and discipline in your practice, you will be the King or the Queen of your own century.

Enjoy the journey.




What people wish for in life?

What people wishes for in life? It is simply being happy. I think we all agree on that. We search for joy, contentment, desire for feeling good all the time. If you want proof, ask yourself that question: What do I want in my life? … Most of all, I want happiness. YES?

I want a big smile on my face every day. I want healthy relationships in every areas in my life. I want to be seen as a human being. I want my perspective and my beliefs to be respected and understood. The best way to start happiness is that simple gesture of compassion and love. So when you have something, share it, don’t be selfish. When you do not share, you lose your inner peace.

Another way to make things work for you, is the practice of meditation. Select one practice that suits best your temper and stay with it. Keep doing it until your mind becomes totally absorbed and focused in that practice. This is called Samadhi. Your mind comes to a well-balanced state, in equanimity. The mind is pure, with no fluctuations or changes.

“Blessed are pure in the heart”. Yoga sutras.

In India yoginis seek for inner peace, meditating hours and do rigorous Tapascharya (meditation of self-discipline).

When you work with purity in your heart, things work better for you. When you only see darkness and complaining, it is just a waste of time. You are simply ruining your life. Days, months, years, pass by, then one day you realize all that you have done was being miserable.

There are ways out of that spiral, you must keep having faith and believe in yourself. What should you do to keep a positive energy? Stop complaining now. Purify your mind with positive and affirmative statements.

If you can watch the way you think you can change your taught”. 

Train your brain few minutes every day. Just do it. Soon you will notice that your thinking process is different. We have the power to make a change, this change start within each one of us. I would like to refer to the concept of self in the Upanishads, who explains great philosophical truth. The concept of self and identification with Brahma (the creative source of the universe).

 “He who sees all beings in his Self and his Self in all beings, never suffers because when he sees all creatures within his true Self, then jealousy, grief and hatred vanish.”

 You must look for happiness in the right places, inside yourself, not outside. We carry love in our hearts, a powerful tool to return to every time you feel down. Do not wait and hope for external situations, outside factors or people to make you happy. If you think like: “I would be happy if I had a boyfriend or a girlfriend”, or “I would be happy if I could get a Dior handbag”, or “I would be happy if I had enough money”.…. If I had X, Y, Z, I would be happy. –Wrong! Happiness starts within yourself. Focus on learning about your weaknesses and your qualities. Connect with yourself by studying who you are. Connect your human side with the spiritual side, the union of the body and mind, which is the meaning of YOGA.

Love shines on everyone, it is your choice to open or close the path in being happy.

The choice is yours.

Happy mind, happy life.

We humans are a big family. Instead of killing and disrespecting each other, feeling jealousy, greed between each other, why can we not be happy for the other person success or wealth? Why so much competition? Why so much sadness? Why so much violence? Is this being civilized? Educated? Cultured? – No.

Think and make a test for yourself. Can you understand the people who think differently then you? Test of life? We have to ride each other waves to understand who we are, we are gifts for each other, and we can learn from each other, we are all student and teacher. With communication, understanding, compassion, love, we are capable of everything.

The choice is yours.

In Yoga we often say “Namaste”, what does that mean?

I see the soul in you, you see the soul in me”.

It is a form of deep respect for the other being, coming from the heart. Practice in a way your mind doesn’t go over you. If a person has been nasty to you, tell “Namaste” and walk away. This person does not deserve your energy. We can’t always match with certain people, but that’s OK. We are civilized, respectful, let it be, and go. Focus on the goodness, the darkness doesn’t work.  Constantly remind yourself on who you are. I am spectacular or I am miserable.

The choice is yours.


Yoga is about living your life fully. I struggled myself in keeping that in mind, too busy worrying and questioning. I realized it was a waste of energy, and I could use that energy for best results. Happy comes from within. Nobody is going to make you happy. Nobody can make you happy. Whatever the condition is, don’t forget that. It is temporarily. When you learn enough lessons in your life there is no other way for you but to go back within yourself.

The world is there to teach us:

Don’t come to me for happiness, because it is within you”.

Be independently happy, not dependently happy. Allow your mind to always see the positive in all things and beings.

You are the image of God, you carry God in you, you carry love in you and love transmits into healing, do not let anyone still your love. The divine energy is in us, it is in all of us. We all have the power to make things right for us the right for all beings, for the animals, for the earth, for the plants and for the trees, for the lakes, for the mountains, for the oceans, for the sky. Love yourself and love all beings.

“Be happy first and see the world unfold in front of you”. 

 Bless you all.

Overcome failure.

People reach their dreams by trying hard, and making it happen. Failure is also part of our lives, but what matters is the way we overcome challenges and use them to our advantages.

First you will need to accept the challenge or the result as it came, and keep in mind that this particular problem has been given to you because you are capable and strong enough to overcome the issue.

Once accepted, you can start with keeping a positive mind to get passed the pain caused by that failure. You will  have to practice healing techniques, until you can set yourself free. Recognize your capabilities. Think positively and understand this is not your final destination.

Be honest with yourself, reflect on why it happened then let it go and move on. It is Ok to feel unbalanced, disappointed, frustrated. You may tumble down like a babe who is learning to walk, but you will have to rise up again with a smile and a cheerful heart. This is a quote from spiritual Upanishads lectures:

“Failures are not stumbling blocks, but stepping stones to success”.

Life is full or turns and blocks, but you have the capacity to give yourself the chance to be closer and closer to your success. Do not repeat your mistakes, learn from your experiences. We can choose to handle obstacles in life and make necessary arrangements.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • How can I adjust my course to avoid making the same mistake again?
  • What can I do differently the next time?
  • What can I learn from this and how this issue has affected my being?

It is important that you answer these questions with honesty and a calm mind. Be constructive and stop being caught in empathy. Make a plan of how you want changes to happen in your life, and be grateful for all the wonderful experiences that are yet to come. Keep away from procrastination, nothing is perfect, nobody is perfect, do your best for you, and for the benefits of all beings.

If some of you would like to share your practice with me, please feel free to leave a comment.

Light and Love.


Deep in the blue.

Breathing and diving.

Very often, we find that gaining strength and body mass can help dive deeper, because when we have bigger muscles we can generate more air in our body. Each muscles are fueled by oxygen, and the harder the muscle works, the more oxygen it requires. To dive deeper and longer, you need to make good use of this oxygen, and in order to do so , you must be very calm and relaxed.


Relaxation helps considerably to be a good free diver, that way you can be more aware of the messages sent by your body, for example, spasm in the diaphragm are the first signals letting you know that you are running out of breath and therefore time for your ascension back to the surface. But when you control your mind in being relaxed and calm you will notice that you are able to remain few minutes longer without drowning.

Yoga is one great way to improve your breathing techniques. We use the breath in yoga poses, so that we can integrate into the asana or pose with ease and focus. Some techniques can considerably help you during your free dive.

Pranayama, or breathing exercises, such as Anuloma Viloma known as alternate nostril breathing, will definitely improve your lungs capacity. Smokers who are willing to stop smoking, use this powerful technique. After some time, your body starts to heal by generating new cells. You can start with practicing “Ujjayi”breath, commonly known as “the ocean breath” or “victorious breath”. Patanjali suggests that the breath should be both dirga (long) and suksma (smooth).

Throughout an entire yoga practice, you engage, breathe, lengthen, release, and repeat in order to transition from Asana to Asana. Each of these movements helps build both physical strength in your body as well as the mental strength required to consciously flow from one Asana to another with present moment and full body awareness. Certain yoga poses can help you stretch and expand the chest, such as the heart open poses: camel pose, full bridge, fish pose matsyanasa.

Massages has been proven to promote health and wellness. Massage therapy helps reduce stress, helps body and mind to relax. Deep tissue massage focus on the deeper layers of the muscles and the fascia, releasing the muscles, and ready for wider movements.

Meditation is an other very effective technique to use to control your mind, therefore remain calm and serene while free diving.

As free divers, we must learn how to use our breath, how to control our mind and how to remain calm in every situation. Harder to say then to do, probably, but nothing is easy.

So get into it, start your practice, stick with it, and be a great free diver, or a great breather.
Diving and yoga are hand in hand practice, that changed my behavior and attitude toward life in general. In many occasions, deep diving has shown my limitations and strength. I am so grateful to breathe and be living this magic adventure everyday.

Feel free to leave your comments bellow on how the yoga helped you with your diving and life in general.

Self discovery.

Helping self and others.


I had a conversation last night with a good friend of mine who tend to be depressed and unhappy with all his surrounding, friends and people close to him as well as with his family.

We decided to meet an clear out some points about his perception on life. I asked him what was so terrible in his life to feel so miserable everyday?  He enumerated few things that were going wrong in his life, then he continued talking until he unconsciously said, I do not love myself… I stopped him right there.

I do not have all the answers, but If I can help people in need to make them feel better with themselves, to show them how wonderful they are, I will. It is a way to heal people, but to me it is all about attitude and energy that you are willing to give. I know from past experience, the only one thing that heals every problem, is love. When people start loving themselves, they can reach toward self confidence, success, happiness, every dump on the road dissolves leaving a clear pathway for you.


I told my friend it all starts with love, love yourself first if you want to find hapiness. Change your habits, shift from an unconscious to conscious state. Our subconscious is filled with ideas and beliefs, we don’t recognize we have. These ideas guide us by making decisions. These ideas are guiding our behavior and opinions about the world. At time they hold us back from living the best life possible, by sabotaging our efforts with negative taught. When you find one, observe and figure out if it’s worth listening to it or not. This is how we bring the conscious closer to the subconscious and continue on the road to knowing ourselves better.

Sometimes, we don’t know what we want, where to go, how to feel about certain situations, and sometimes life seem to be just so hard to cope. Make time to know what you want to do with you life, and try to know who you are. Integrate positivism and affirmations to uplift your mood.  Slowly, you will see things coming back to you. You will attract everything you need in your life.

Life is a journey of self discovery, not only it is important to love self, as only love keeps the universe together. We can really and only help others when we love and care for ourselves. Love is compassion for self, compassion for others, a deep understanding of self and others. As a reminder for all of us, we need more love, and less troubles.

This world need to be reminded of the love it carries and it’s beauty. This world need to be respected, this world need to be taking care off, this world need to be loved. You can make a change, it is up to you. Remember that you have the power to switch the light on. Feed your subconscious mind with love and let that beautiful light become your reality.


Please feel free to write your thoughts or comments bellow about your self discovery and if this blog helped you in anyways.



How yoga promotes mental well being?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “unite”. Union between the physical and spiritual, body and mind. Yoga brings a multitude of therapeutic benefits. Regular practice is an essential part in our life. Yoga existed many years ago first in India and found it’s journey to the western countries, it is now firmly rooted in our culture.

The Practice of yoga provides all the physical benefits, but it also helps in the mental aspects. Yoga self practice must be adapted with full awareness in order to benefit from the positive changes, to be able to relax and release anxiety and depression. Depression is mostly due to fatigue, and stress.

Yoga effectiveness derives from the ability to release tension and cortisol level in the body. The emphasize is on deep calm profound breaths to allow the body to relax at a cellular level. Yin yoga is ideal practice, as you stretch deeply into the connective tissues, where all the magic happens. It helps in releasing tension, and letting free sensations that may rise on the surface.

When you have control over the breath you have control over the mental’s state and ability to control situations. Yoga meditation teaches you to take time to reflect on your actual state of mind, to search deep in the self. Yoga practice is about self awareness, self understanding. It helps you clarify other parts of your life, such as work, family, friends, relationships, ect…

The more you practice meditation the more you will gain control over your life and realize the changes you desire.   Daily practice will help you stay calm, focused and helps you reduce considerably your anxiety, stress or depression.

When you keep your body flexible you also keep your mind flexible. Do not let mental block control you. Set yourself free. I believe that everybody should have a healthy and balanced life style, and this is why I encourage you people to change your life for better.


This blog is the ultimate for self improvement this year.  With love. Namaste.