Essaouira “La belle”.

Essaouira also called Mogador, is a port city and commune of Morocco.


The esplanade of 200 meters, famous Squalla, equipped with guns and a fort is the purest European tradition.


The medina of Essaouira is the only medina in Morocco build on plans. Classified on a wold level by UNESCO since 2011. I have walked in these narrow streets, talking to locals, and taking pictures of what spoke to my heart the most. I love taking portraits of the people living there, and sharing some local stories. I am amazed how much I can learn from only talking to them. My time in Essaouira was really nice indeed.

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Essaouira fishing Port and market has a lot to offer. Simply heading there, taking pictures, and sharing stories with local fisherman is real understanding of the hard work they put into everyday. Essaouira is indeed a fishing town. You can choose from the stand your own fish, and eat for less then 100 dirhams per person, eating oysters, salad, chips, king prawns, calamari and sole. The meal was excellent and super fresh. I had the opportunity to organize a week end away with my close friends and family to enjoy this beautiful port.

With the doors of the Atlas and the Sahara, the Atlantic coast is a true invitation to travel and escape. All the coast profits from natural conditions and exceptional mild climate all year. Essaouira offers many surf spots for beginners or good surfers. From Safi to Sidi Kaouki you will find points, beach breaks, reefs, and cool landscape.

I believe there is magic in the small villages, people are joyful, soft and fun. Riding horses on the beach is true pleasure if you like riding the well known “Pusan race” horses of Morocco. I was amazed by the colors and the beauty of the landscape, so enjoyed taking pictures during this trip, here I share a few of my favorites.




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