The open doors of Africa.

The Sahara.

With my very good friends, we decided to organize a trip from Marrakesh to the Sahara desert and back. So we Drove on our 4X4, it takes about 600 kilometers to get to the little Riad we booked to spend over night and the next day we would continue the journey with our local guide, we would drive hours on Merzuga’s dry dunes and sandy paths to finally stop to our first refuge where we would get supplies, fresh food and water.


After well deserved rest, we headed to a dry salt lake, Iriqui not far from Merzuga village and we could find fossils and old inscriptions and art on stones, which was very interesting to see. The desert of Sahara is shaped by wind, sometimes rain, but includes dry valleys, lakes and sand flats. I was surprised to see the delicate vegetation, such as Acacias, and palm trees occasionally.


Travelling into the desert is a final remote destination of Morocco, it is like crossing a frontier into an other land. There is a real sense of excitement looking at the first trace of sand left behind by our vehicle, sometimes off road tracks leading toward the unknown.


The camp was ready and waiting for us, in the Erg ‘sand sea’ of Chigaga, largest dune in Morocco. Dunes surrounding us where the greatest point for admiring the millions of stars, a sky I never saw that bright in my entire life. Magical beauty, hearing the Tuareg guides playing songs and smoking kif. The encircled dunes were a great point for sunset and sunrise.


We shared Tajine, Moroccan dish, tea, hot drinks,  made by our guides, and slept in Berber sleeping tents, on small mattresses and linen. We kept warm by the fire, as the temperature can cool down seriously in the night, we would dance, play music before heading to our tent with a great feeling of happiness in my heart. I hope you enjoy photographs I took during this ultimate Sahara desert experience. Soon yoga retreats will be organised by myself and friends in the Sahara. For more information please refer to the Upcoming events section on the menu.





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