What people wish for in life?

What people wish for in life? It is simply being happy. I think we all agree on that. We search for joy, contentment, desire for feeling good all the time. If you want proof, ask yourself that question: What do I want in my life? … Most of all, I want happiness. YES?

I want a big smile on my face every day. I want healthy relationships in every areas in my life. I want to be seen as a human being. I want my perspective and my beliefs to be respected and understood. The best way to start happiness is that simple gesture of compassion and love. So when you have something, share it, don’t be selfish. When you do not share, you lose your inner peace.

Another way to make things work for you, is the practice of meditation. Select one practice that suits best your temper and stay with it. Keep doing it until your mind becomes totally absorbed and focused in that practice. This is called Samadhi. Your mind comes to a well-balanced state, in equanimity. The mind is pure, with no fluctuations or changes.

“Blessed are pure in the heart”. Yoga sutras.

In India yoginis seek for inner peace, meditating hours and do rigorous Tapascharya (meditation of self-discipline).

When you work with purity in your heart, things work better for you. When you only see darkness and complaining, it is just a waste of time. You are simply ruining your life. Days, months, years, pass by, then one day you realize all that you have done was being miserable.

There are ways out of that spiral, you must keep having faith and believe in yourself. What should you do to keep a positive energy? Stop complaining now. Purify your mind with positive and affirmative statements.

If you can watch the way you think you can change your taught”.

Train your brain few minutes every day. Just do it. Soon you will notice that your thinking process is different. We have the power to make a change, this change start within each one of us. I would like to refer to the concept of self in the Upanishads, who explains great philosophical truth. The concept of self and identification with Brahma (the creative source of the universe).

“He who sees all beings in his Self and his Self in all beings, never suffers because when he sees all creatures within his true Self, then jealousy, grief and hatred vanish.”

You must look for happiness in the right places, inside yourself, not outside. We carry love in our hearts, a powerful tool to return to every time you feel down. Do not wait and hope for external situations, outside factors or people to make you happy. If you think like: “I would be happy if I had a boyfriend or a girlfriend”, or “I would be happy if I could get a Dior handbag”, or “I would be happy if I had enough money”.…. If I had X, Y, Z, I would be happy. –Wrong!

Happiness starts within yourself. Focus on learning about your weaknesses and your qualities. Connect with yourself by studying who you are. Connect your human side with the spiritual side, the union of the body and mind, which is the meaning of YOGA.

Love shines on everyone, it is your choice to open or close the path in being happy.

The choice is yours.

Happy mind, happy life.

We humans are a big family. Instead of killing and disrespecting each other, feeling jealousy, greed between each other, why can we not be happy for the other person success or wealth? Why so much competition? Why so much sadness? Why so much violence? Is this being civilized? Educated? Cultured? – No.

Think and make a test for yourself. Can you understand the people who think differently then you? Test of life? We have to ride each other waves to understand who we are, we are gifts for each other, and we can learn from each other, we are all student and teacher. With communication, understanding, compassion, love, we are capable of everything.

The choice is yours.

In Yoga we often say “Namaste”, what does that mean?

I see the soul in you, you see the soul in me”.

It is a form of deep respect for the other being, coming from the heart. Practice in a way your mind doesn’t go over you. If a person has been nasty to you, tell “Namaste” and walk away. This person does not deserve your energy. We can’t always match with certain people, but that’s OK. We are civilized, respectful, let it be, and go. Focus on the goodness, the darkness doesn’t work. Constantly remind yourself on who you are. I am spectacular or I am miserable.

The choice is yours.


Yoga is about living your life fully. I struggled myself in keeping that in mind, too busy worrying and questioning. I realized it was a waste of energy, and I could use that energy for best results. Happy comes from within. Nobody is going to make you happy. Nobody can make you happy. Whatever the condition is, don’t forget that. It is temporarily. When you learn enough lessons in your life there is no other way for you but to go back within yourself.

The world is there to teach us:

Don’t come to me for happiness, because it is within you”.

Be independently happy, not dependently happy. Allow your mind to always see the positive in all things and beings.

You are the image of God, you carry God in you, you carry love in you and love transmits into healing, do not let anyone still your love. The divine energy is in us, it is in all of us. We all have the power to make things right for us the right for all beings, for the animals, for the earth, for the plants and for the trees, for the lakes, for the mountains, for the oceans, for the sky. Love yourself and love all beings.

“Be happy first and see the world unfold in front of you”.

Bless you all.

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