Travel Marrakesh.

This is an insight about my hometown Marrakesh. Here you will discover some of my photographs of Marrakesh Medina, oriental market, places to eat drink and spend a great evening.

I have always been distracted by the unique vibration and energy the Medina has to offer. Only an hour tour would be enough for me to appreciate it’s variety, art, smell, music and people.

One of the dinning restaurant is single of it’s kind, the Narwama, a family owned restaurant, fusion of Moroccan and Thai food. Located in the Medina, in a splendid riad dating from the 19th century, heritage world of UNESCO.

From 2012 and 2013, I managed the restaurant following previous steps of my father until I flew to Australia.

The experience of working in Morocco was one of the most challenging I had. Not always easy to mix feelings with a parent who has a different approach in regards to establishing ways for the development and success of the restaurant as well as keeping the line of one of the most famous and recognized dinning place in town.

I have always known Khalid and Brahim. Both fellow employees, dedicated  hard workers, bartender on the left and chef de rang on the right, serving for years in our restaurant.

Today Narwama is under the management of a couple and a whole new team keeping up with the hard work, since the owner decided to focus most of the past 9 months for the opening of a new business in the heart of la Medina. “Soukine” is due to open in the end of the year 2018.

More photographs of the umber city of Marrakesh.

2018-03-04 18.48.05DSC_4817DSC_4843DSC08059IMG_24162018-01-09 10.41.15IMG_7759IMG_7761IMG_7873





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