Ayahuska Journey.

The most incredible, cleansing, trans-formative and spiritual Ayahuaska journey with the true master and indigenous Indian Shaman from “Cofán tribe”, in southern Columbia, has come to Europe to provide and introduce westerners with this beautiful and ancestral medicine.

Shaman Andres Criollo, comes from a lineage of shamans and has learned the secret of the medicine from his ancestors, grand father, and father. His own grand mother is also the protector of the aye (Ayahuaska). The tribe collect the Chacruna and the Vine from the source in the profound and protected amazonian forest.


I had the honor the famous “Jaguar Shaman”, the most respected elder shaman man in Colombia and the highest spiritual authority of the Cofán people, along with his son Andres Criollo.

The Ayahuaska brew is prepared with care and dedication, with love, songs and prayers for long hours and even days in the jungle until it is ready to consume. The ceremony takes place in the Maluka, (the ceremonial room) is usually dark with only few candles lightened during the whole evening. The ceremony starts around 10 pm and finishes early morning. The last shot of the Aye is taken not later then 2 am. A small prayer is always held before the ceremony starts.

A little glass is enough to feel the effects of the sacred medicine and the effects will last hours in your system. The spirit of the aye contained in the medicine depends of the nature of the vine, some of the rarest are called the “Jaguar Yage”, others the “Lucero Yage” or bright star, and also the “Gold Yage”.

The ceremony is often guided by the shaman whistling, songs, prayers, and music instruments are used such as the harmonica, the drums and the guitar. The shaman uses the Guaira to cleans the body and mind of his patient or disciple after the ceremony and brings him peace and protection.

2018-04-17 17.31.19

After a long conversation with shaman Andres, it is estimated to be around 2000 Cofán people left (compared to 15.000 people since the 16th century) and about an average of 2800 ethnic tribe members residing in Columbia and in Ecuador. The majority of the natives tribe has been decimated with mining and oil exploration and exploitation, as well as disease and violence.

Local communities and humanitarians efforts eventually gained control over nearly 4000 square meters of rain forest insuring legal protection and created local school infrastructure for their young. The Cofán tribes remain the authentic and unique guardians of the forest today.

My visit in Putumayo Colombia has been one of the most important experience in my life, and reporting directly from the Amazon. More will be presented, on my September blog, entitled ” The Amazon”.

Thank you Shaman Andres Criollo and Sandra Fragoso for introducing me with the sacred medicine of Ayahuaska and purifying my soul and my body. Thank you Lisa Marie Robinson for guiding me to him. Finally thank you Frank Neubert for sharing the experience with me and for your care and support along the way.

Bless, light and most of all LOVE.

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