How yoga promotes mental well being?

Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “unite”. Union between the physical and spiritual, body and mind. Yoga brings a multitude of therapeutic benefits. Regular practice is an essential part in our life. Yoga existed many years ago first in India and found it’s journey to the western countries, it is now firmly rooted in our culture.

The Practice of yoga provides all the physical benefits, but it also helps in the mental aspects. Yoga self practice must be adapted with full awareness in order to benefit from the positive changes, to be able to relax and release anxiety and depression. Depression is mostly due to fatigue, and stress.

Yoga effectiveness derives from the ability to release tension and cortisol level in the body. The emphasize is on deep calm profound breaths to allow the body to relax at a cellular level. Yin yoga is ideal practice, as you stretch deeply into the connective tissues, where all the magic happens. It helps in releasing tension, and letting free sensations that may rise to the surface.

When you have control over the breath you have control over the mental’s state and ability to control situations. Yoga meditation teaches you to take time to reflect on your actual state of mind, to search deep in the self. Yoga practice is about self awareness, self understanding. It helps you clarify other parts of your life, such as work, family, friends, relationships, ect…

The more you practice meditation the more you will gain control over your life and realize the changes you desire. Daily practice will help you stay calm, focused and helps you reduce considerably your anxiety, stress or depression.

When you keep your body flexible you also keep your mind flexible. Do not let mental blocks control you. Set yourself free.

I believe that everybody should have a healthy and balanced life style, and this is why I encourage you people to change your life for better and consequently change the world.

This blog is the ultimate for self improvement this year. With love. Namaste.

Self discovery.

Helping self and others.


I had a conversation last night with a good friend of mine who tend to be depressed and unhappy with all his surrounding, friends and people close to him as well as with his family.

We decided to meet an clear out some points about his perception on life. I asked him what was so terrible in his life to feel so miserable everyday? He enumerated few things that were going wrong in his life, then he continued talking until he unconsciously said, I do not love myself… I stopped him right there.

I do not have all the answers, but If I can help people in need to make them feel better with themselves, to show them how wonderful they are, I will. It is a way to heal people, but to me it is all about attitude and energy that you are willing to give. I know from past experience, the only one thing that heals every problem, is love. When people start loving themselves, they can reach toward self confidence, success, happiness, every dump on the road dissolves leaving a clear pathway for you.


I told my friend it all starts with love, love yourself first if you want to find happiness. Change your habits, shift from an unconscious to conscious state. Our subconscious is filled with ideas and beliefs, we don’t recognize we have. These ideas guide us by making decisions. These ideas are guiding our behavior and opinions about the world. At time, they hold us back from living the best life possible, by sabotaging our efforts with negative taught. When you find one, observe and figure out if it’s worth listening to it or not. This is how we bring the conscious closer to the subconscious and continue on the road to knowing ourselves better.

Sometimes, we don’t know what we want, where to go, how to feel about certain situations, and sometimes life seem to be just so hard to cope. Make time to know what you want to do with you life, and try to know who you are. Integrate positivism and affirmations to uplift your mood. Slowly, you will see things coming back to you. You will attract everything you need in your life.

Life is a journey of self discovery, not only it is important to love self, as only love keeps the universe together. We can really and only help others when we love and care for ourselves. Love is compassion for self, compassion for others, a deep understanding of self and others. As a reminder for all of us, we need more love, and less troubles.

This world need to be reminded of the love it carries and it’s beauty. This world need to be respected, this world need to be taking care off, this world need to be loved. You can make a change, it is up to you. Remember that you have the power to switch the light on. Feed your subconscious mind with love and let that beautiful light become your reality.

Please feel free to write your thoughts or comments bellow about your self discovery and if this blog helped you in anyways.


Can people change?

Surely there are things about yourself or about others you do not like….Or maybe there are things that you want to improve or get rid of…. All what matter is that you already are conscious about the problem. Once you are aware and accept the challenge then you can start hopping for changes, I mean real changes in your life for yourself and others. But you can’t just clap the fingers and hope that old patterns will go away.

It takes time and patience, dedication and discipline. It takes the will to actually move forward or change a direction that does not suit with your life. However we don’t change because someone want us to. We change because we want to.

The secret is to be positive and think positive, statements like: it’s too hard, or I can’t do it, it’s not in my DNA… Such mindset will sabotage your efforts before you actually begin. Even taught “you are who you are”, and “it is how it is”, there are ways to modify and to alter aspects of your behavior and attitude.

Like I said earlier, the first step is being aware is what we start with. Not so simple as you need to open to your own weaknesses and recognize them. How can you change if you blame others for your mistakes? how do you know for sure that your thinking process is right and not conflicting with other people’s believes?

With meditative session, you can observe your taught without judgment and try to understand it. Why this happened? Why did I say this? how can I make this situation better?….To get to know yourself, is the second step. Lot of efforts and patience are necessary.

If you are aware of your taught and know your bad habits, is it enough to change? No… You need to be committed to make the necessary changes. You acknowledge what you want to change, you stay focused on your goal, you exercise daily with self-discipline and give yourself a chance to grow and the opportunity to be a better you.

When you start to see things in a different dimension, life can be incredible. Change moves in the positive direction, so is your life, your career, your relationships, change can happen, dedication and faith will pay off. You will feel self confident, capable of more then you can imagine, it is like changing the station of your radio. Small frequency which makes all the difference.

If anyone would like to share his own experience, you are welcome to do so in the comment bellow.