Can people change?

Surely there are things about yourself or about others you do not like….Or maybe there are things that you want to improve or get rid of…. All what matter is that you already are conscious about the problem. Once you are aware and accept the challenge then you can start hopping for changes, I mean real changes in your life for yourself and others. But you can’t just clap the fingers and hope that old patterns will go away.

It takes time and patience, dedication and discipline. It takes the will to actually move forward or change a direction that does not suit with your life. However we don’t change because someone want us to. We change because we want to.

The secret is to be positive and think positive, statements like: it’s too hard, or I can’t do it, it’s not in my DNA… Such mindset will sabotage your efforts before you actually begin. Even taught “you are who you are”, and “it is how it is”, there are ways to modify and to alter aspects of your behavior and attitude.

Like I said earlier, the first step is being aware is what we start with. Not so simple as you need to open to your own weaknesses and recognize them. How can you change if you blame others for your mistakes? how do you know for sure that your thinking process is right and not conflicting with other people’s believes?

With meditative session, you can observe your taught without judgment and try to understand it. Why this happened? Why did I say this? how can I make this situation better?….To get to know yourself, is the second step. Lot of efforts and patience are necessary.

If you are aware of your taught and know your bad habits, is it enough to change? No… You need to be committed to make the necessary changes. You acknowledge what you want to change, you stay focused on your goal, you exercise daily with self-discipline and give yourself a chance to grow and the opportunity to be a better you.

When you start to see things in a different dimension, life can be incredible. Change moves in the positive direction, so is your life, your career, your relationships, change can happen, dedication and faith will pay off. You will feel self confident, capable of more then you can imagine, it is like changing the station of your radio. Small frequency which makes all the difference.

If anyone would like to share his own experience, you are welcome to do so in the comment bellow.


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