Amazon Colombia.

I have reached the village of Putumayo after long hours on the direct local bus from Bogota to Putumayo. 12 hours drive, after having spent more then 20 hours flying across the Atlantic ocean and over the American territory.

Situated in the far South of Putumayo Colombia, The Cofan tribe has settled their finca on the side of the river banks. The land can be reached only by traditional boat or canoe, situated half an hour away from the village.


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After two days resting in a small hostel, and appreciating the local food at the restaurant nearby, I finally meet the Cofan family at their home in town. I was invited to share the local dish, rice and fish as well as fried bananas for desert.

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The next day, I have helped the Cofan family to move out of their home in town to get to the feet of the amazon forest. It has been madness experience, loading beds, sofas, furniture kitchen equipment, clothes, food basically all that you could take with you when moving out off your home, only instead of transporting it all in a truck to your home you will have to unload the truck and move everything into the canoe!


It started raining, the water levels started to rise, therefore we tempted the shortcut trough the river, getting the canoe true very narrow arms of water leading closer to the camp. our bamboo sticks helped us keep the bushes away and balance of the canoe. We went to areas of the amazon that are rich in natural beauty and wild life.



The cofan people are very strong minded people mostly jungle guides, and hunters. They mostly maintain their area of the rain forest generating revenue with eco-tourism, tours, and includes the novelty of staying over night to Cofan huts. Some tribe cultivate cocaine and you can see me standing in the middle of the field. Most cocaine leave are used for health purposes, they are burnt in low fire, the blended until turned into powder, and this powder can be added to your meal or inhaled giving you power and strenght as well as a remedy for stomach pain. They developed a profound understanding of the nature, especially the medicinal plants and poisonous plant that are very evident in today society. The age is spreading all over Europe and further. It has a large impact on the westerns and their society. People are more and more going true a phase a movement I will call it “movement of healing”. Hopefully this will bring peace on our beautiful planet.


The experience I have shared with the Cofan family away from the tribe was unique of its kind. it was an adventure of a lifetime through the jungle areas of South Colombia, Putumayo.



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