Yoga asanas for Golfers.

Many people underestimate what it takes to be a golfer. Golfers are competitive and every detail matter during a competition. To execute a perfect swing, it requires optimal movement and this is why yoga is the best match for golfers. The swing requires power, fluid control, mid back mobility, a wide range of motion in the joins, and hip rotation. With a strong foundation, golfers find balance, core strength and mental focus.

The golf swings requires stability of the hips, and flexibility of the thoracic spine. The swing starts from the lateral to the vertical to the rotation movements of the trunk in only few seconds. It is a great deal of focus and calm to be at the top of the game. Having a slight advantage over the competition can make all the difference. Yoga is what you need to improve and end the day with a very enjoyable sensation on the course.

Golfers whom have followed my yoga sequences have noticed a change to their swing. The swing become easier, lower back pain is released, balance is increased, and find calm within themselves.

Yoga has all that is required to help golfers gain strong muscles and spinal support. Because in golf the swing is one sided, the muscles can develop unevenly. If the golfer develops strength and length in both side of the body, this will help counterbalance and increase performance.

Yogic breathing techniques are essentials in helping golfers develop the acuity to be present on the course and connect body mind with the breath.

2018-10-07 16.12.49 (2)

When golfers have limitations in their mid back and hip, they compensate on the lower back and knees and this can sometimes create injury. Some of the following postures will help you get a quick warm up, a better preparation and better concentration during the game.

Here are some postures to benefit the most.

Utkatasana, chair pose with twist

This asana promotes twist in the thorax and the spine, it stabilize the lower back activate the gluts and encourage ankles and knees strength and core in the legs.


Stand with your feet together, big toes touching, and knees together, but avoid rotating your hips externally. Keep the hips square, and keep the knees over your ankles. Exhales as you sit back, tail bone tucked in, and place your arms with palms together in front of your heart. Draw the shoulders back and down and open the chest. Hold the position, as you inhale, activate your core for stability.

As you exhale, rotate from the mid back to place your lower elbow outside of one leg. Keep your hips stable. Avoid spreading your knees. Use your bottom elbow to help you lengthen your chest and keep the palms at the level of your heart, the other elbow is pointing up toward the sky. Exhale, slowly draw your shoulder blade back and take a five gentle deep breath inhaling and exhaling true the nose. You can look up or down as long as your neck is comfortable. Gently come out of the pose as you exhale, come back to center and repeat to the other side.

Make sure your movement are slow and be mindful with the sensations in the body. Adding those poses to your workouts will help you develop mobility you need for an optimal swing.

Model A

DSC_5445 (2)

DSC_5446 (2)

DSC_5447 (2)

Sphinx pose

Promotes proper mid back extension, opens up the chest and shoulders and activate the gluts.


Lie with your belly down with your forearms onto the floor, with your elbows in line with the shoulders. Stay her if you feel sensations in your lower back, if your back allows you to go deeper, press into the forearms and lengthen your back. Move the shoulder blades down and keep the shoulder down and away from the ears. Keep your heels apart if your back is too tense. This posture helps you activate your lower back muscles, essential for thoracic spine extension. Hold the posture for five long deep breaths. Rest your forehead on the floor or make a pillow with your forearms. Relax the legs and the back. Breath consciously in these areas. Gently repeat for five breaths and rest.

Model B

2018-10-07 15.11.36 (2)

2018-10-07 15.11.49 (2)

Bridge pose with variation with club.

Bridge pose stretch the thorax, the chest, the neck, the spine and the hips. It strengthen your back, the buttocks and hamstrings. It improves the blood circulation in the body and helps alleviate stress, calming the nervous system. It finally stimulates the lungs and improves digestion.


Lie on your back , bend your knees and place the soles of the feet on the mat or floor. Bring the feet close enough to your tailbone so you can touch your heels with your fingers.

Engage your core and quads while tucking the tailbone and lifting the pelvis into the air. Stay here with hands pressing on your club, and placed just at the base of your thighs. Push through your chest while maintaining a strong foundation in the legs and gluts, to protect the lower back. if you feel comfortable you can reach one leg up as you inhale, and then press back on the earth, to lift the opposite leg upward. Keep the neck long and breath out tension. Gently come out of the pose by lowering down the hips to the ground.

Repeat the movement on each legs 5 times, do not forget to use your breath.

Model C

2018-10-07 15.53.24

2018-10-07 15.53.29

Shoulder mobility

Shoulders are important in the golf swing because they help you control where the club is at the top of your back swing, and generates power true impact, and helps you with the position of the club at the finishing position. We know in golf most injuries are the shoulders, so here is a warm up that will help you with mobility.

Lie on your left side, and rest you head on a block or towel. Bring your knees in line with your hips, and your tibia in line with your knees to 90 degree angle. your arms are in line with your shoulders. left hand palm facing up. Place your right hand on top of your left hand as you exhale, and as you inhale open the right arm up and back until your arm touches the ground behind you. Keep both shoulders on the ground and press the knees together so they don’t separate and so your posture is kept aligned. Exhale Draw you right hand back to join your left palm. Repeat 5 times on each side.

Model D

2018-10-07 15.55.17

2018-10-07 15.55.10

These postures are shown by models, myself and by AAA PGA GLOBAL GOLF COACH, Benjamin Goacher, one of my loyal client, I have been coaching since the beginning of the autumn season 2018.

For more information Golf city Sports Benjamin Goacher click here
Testimonial of Benjamin Goacher:

Yoga will help you, and in all discipline, you will have to add your skills as a golfer in the movement. You may want to consider hiring a personal trainer such as Camelia to guide you and help you achieve the most efficient swing possible.

May you be at the top of the game for this season.

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