Stretch your body and your mind with Elia!


Yoga style: Hatha yoga, vinyassa Yoga, Yin yoga to strengthen and stretch body mind and spirit.

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Quiromassage for deep relaxation.

If you require an “relaxing moment”, I provide deep relaxing massage, including Reiki healing session.

Quirotherapie massage, is the most common type of massage, as it seeks to help beings suffering from anxiety or stress, often by not getting enough rest, to be going through emotional problems or have too many responsibilities.

Therapy is applied in a particular region or throughout the body. Its pace is slow and manipulations are shallow, ideal to get rid of the problems gradually into a state of unparalleled relaxation.

I use long strokes, deep circular movements, vibration, and energy conduction among other techniques. Similar to Swedish massage, and adapted specifically to the needs of athletes.

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Aye ceremony.

Center yourself and find deep connection with your intentions. Heal body mind & spirit with meditation, Yoga and the sacred medicine.

The ceremony is conducted by Elia along with Shaman Andres, who comes from Colombia and brings us the medicine directly from the Amazonian forest.

We are calling all the searchers for more results and expending the call to anyone suffering from diseases and have the desire to be cured.

For more information and reservation please contact here.

Join us for Yoga retreat in the Sahara.

 (April to May 2019).


🐪The Retreat is organised by Elia, for a duration of 3 days in the Desert of Zagora. You will have a taste of delicious Moroccan traditional Tajine all vegetables and mint tea & sweets for dessert.

🐪Every evening, music around the camp fire, Jumbe, Didgeridoo, and chants under the bright stars will leave you in a happy place 🙂

🐪The camp allow a capacity of 8 participants, so be the first to book your place before it’s too late.

🐪Yoga classes are every morning from 10:00 am to 11:30 am.

🐪Price is 450 euros for 3 nights & 2 days, this include transport, camel ride, food and beverages.

For bookings please contact per email

Yoga retreat in Natural park of Aroches, Southeast Spain.

15th of January until 15th of February 2019.


Wellness and detox program for balancing energy with sounds healing and meditation practice. 2 Yoga classes per day. Healthy menu, massage and excursions are proposed.

Light and Love.