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I am the founder of GOOD VIBRATIONS. International Yoga Siromani, I strive to help you find your true purpose and understand who you really are, explore your inner self, elevate your consciousness, clear your mind from the stress and concerns of your daily life, so you can see the calm and stillness underneath…your true identity.

The Yoga & Travel Blogs section, resumes quality tools and experiences I have gained over the years traveling and practicing yoga, some of which are memorable travels and unique life experiences.

Yoga is the process of becoming more aware of who you are, and the more you are aware, the more you are connected with yourself and others”. As such, yoga is a process of self discovery, a destination, a source of adventure.

You are welcome to join me on the Events section where workshops, retreats and regular classes are outlined. Every place, every class is a new challenge, a new experience and a blessing.

Click here, eliayoga, for a resume of my biography and my teaching style, such as, Hatha yoga, yoga for surfers, Vinyassa yoga and Yin yoga.

Welcome and Namasate 🕉️



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